Grace Holds Me Now

“And that grace
Owns the ground where the grave did
Where all my shame remains
Left for dead in Your wake
You crashed those age-old gates
You left no stone unturned
You stepped out of that grave
And shouldered me all the way
So here I stand
High in surrender
I need You now
Hold my heart
Now and forever
My soul cries out
'Cause once I was broken
But You loved my whole heart through
Sin has no hold on me
‘Cause Your grace holds me now
Healed and forgiven
Look where my chains are now
Death has no hold on me
‘Cause Your grace holds that ground
And Your grace holds me now.”
-Hillsong United (album People)

My favorite line: “‘Cause Your grace holds that ground”

When someone says “hold your ground or stand one’s ground” it means to not retreat. To stand firm. To make a stand. To be determined. 

Ground is sturdy. Ground is where our feet stand. It’s our support. 

His grace holds my ground!  Like Rhys is always asking me, do you get it?  Huh, you get it?  God’s grace holds that ground. It takes s stand for us even when we don’t deserve it. It backs us up. It holds us. It’s determined. 

God loves us so much. Allow His grace to drown you. Allow forgiveness to engulf you. He wants to give it to you. It’s there. Accept it. Remember, you are His. No matter what!