Hannah's Promise

“When fear reaches out its hand and tries to twist my mind. Though the darkness it may make attempts to creep back in. Late at night when temptation come to overwhelm my flesh. Jesus, you’re the anchor of my soul. Both sure and steadfast. You’re the hope who will come through. When shaken, I won’t crumble.”

— Solid Rock Worship

The words above reminded me of the beautiful story of Hannah. Hannah's story is found in 1 Samuel 1:1 - 2:21.   

Hannah was "a" second wife (not the 2nd wife but a 2nd wife) and desperately wanted a child. The first wife, Peninnah (aka "mean girl"), had several children but Hannah was barren. Hannah was in a difficult situation; the first wife constantly provoked her, her husband asked her "aren't I more than enough", and she was very sad because of her barrenness. However, she knew that God was her anchor. He was her hope. She continually prayed day and night for God to give her a child. She never gave up. She was not shaken. Her enemies were attacking and even her helpmate was not helping the situation. But she was not shaken.

The most interesting thing about this story is she prayed that if God blessed her with a child, she would give him back to God. And God did. She became pregnant with Samuel. How many of us have made promises to God that we haven't kept?  But Hannah was different, when Samuel was 3 Hannah KEPT her PROMISE and gave him to the priest, Eli.

See darkness will come. Temptation will come. They will beg you to give up your prayers (like Job was asked to curse God). Don't give up. Sometimes the angel has your answer on the way but they are fighting demons on the way to you. (Daniel 10).  Are you praying for a stronger marriage?  Don't give up.

“When shaken I won’t crumble. I’ll stand till nothing can be shaken. I won’t be shaken.”

— Solid Rock Worship

Just like Peninnah, some people may have or get want you so desperately want and become that "mean girl" and rub it in your face or they may just try to tear you down (make fun of you). But remember God is the anchor and the hope.  Darkness and temptation will come. But don't give up.  

"(9)Keep in mind that the Lord your God is the only God. He is a faithful God, who keeps his promise and is merciful to thousands of generations of those who love him and obey his commands." - (Deuteronomy 7:9 GW from www.biblegateway.com)

"(16)When people take oaths, they base their oaths on someone greater than themselves. Their oaths guarantee what they say and end all arguments. (17) God wouldn’t change his plan. He wanted to make this perfectly clear to those who would receive his promise, so he took an oath. (18) God did this so that we would be encouraged. God cannot lie when he takes an oath or makes a promise. These two things can never be changed. Those of us who have taken refuge in him hold on to the confidence we have been given. (19) We have this confidence as a sure and strong anchor for our lives. This confidence goes into the holy place behind the curtain (20) where Jesus went before us on our behalf." - (Hebrews 6: 16-20 GW from www.biblegateway.com)