19 Parenting Life Hacks

Ever wonder how some parents do it?  Ever wonder how some parents make parenting look easy? Well, you will look like a pro by doing these 19 things and other parents will be wondering just how you became such an awesome parent.

1. PREVENT KIDS FROM FALLING OUT OF BED WITH A POOL NOODLE.  Place a pool noodle along the edge of the bed and under the fitted sheet.

2. LIMIT KID'S SOAP USE WITH A RUBBER BAND.  Place a rubber band around the soup dispenser head.  They will only be able to pump so far.

3. MAKE SURE YOUR BABYSITTER ALWAYS HAS INSTRUCTIONS AND EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO WITH THIS FREE TEMPLATE.  Print out this free template and place in frame.  Use dry erase markers to fill in information (that way you aren't limiting yourself to permanent information).

4. SORT LAUNDRY FASTER WITH DOTS ON CLOTHING LABELS.  Yes kids can help do laundry, no matter how old they are. Crazy huh?  Use a black dot for dark clothes and a lighter color for light clothes.  I'm pretty sure they can figure out white clothes and towels.  Let's hope. If not, then they probably shouldn't be helping you with the laundry.

5. CHILDPROOF CABINET DOORS WITH HAIR TIES.  If you don't want to go by the expensive child-proofing systems available at most stores, then go the Dollar Tree and buy hair ties.  Plus side is if you ever need to put your hair up while in the kitchen....voila.  

6. USE COMMAND HOOKS AND A HAIR TIE TO CHILDPROOF YOUR FRIDGE.  If your 3-year old is anything like mine...well, they like to climb in the fridge to get the things they aren't supposed to have.

7. SHOP FOR SHOES EASILY BY TRACING YOUR KID'S FEET.  Ok, so we've all been there right?  You go to the store and you see a cute pair of shoes for a reasonable price.  The only problem is, your kid is not there.  So you buy the size that you "think" they wear only to find out once you get home that your child wear a much smaller size.  Only me?  Happens to me more often than I care to admit.  So the solution, draw your kid's feet.  Keep the drawing in your purse for such a time as this.

8. USE HOT GLUE TO ADD TO THE BOTTOM OF SLIPPERY SHOES.  Keep those babies upright where they belong.  No one like to fall on their bums.

9. LET NEIGHBORHOOD FRIENDS KNOW WHEN YOU ARE FREE TO PLAY WITH A DOOR SIGN.  Your kids can even help design their signs to keep them entertained.  Bonus.

10. GET YOUR KIDS TO LOVE EATING FRUITS AND VEGGIES WITH SPRINKLES.  We have all heard the quote, "Life is better with sprinkles".  Well maybe veggies are too.

11. PROTECT CAR SEATS FROM-TIME SPILLS WITH A FITTED SHEET.  So I don't let my kids eat in the car; however, on long road trips we make the exception.  Help protect your car with a fitted sheet.

12. USE A CHEAP SHOWER CURTAIN LINER TO ACCIDENT PROOF A BED MATTRESS.  Do you have a kid potty training?  Go to the Dollar store and buy a liner to put on the mattress.  Way cheaper than buying an actual bed-liner.

13. GIVE KIDS THEIR OWN SPOT TO SLEEP IN A HOTEL ROOM.  Use pillows and put down the middle of the bed the opposite way.  This gives them their own space and more room.  Hopefully no more, "He's touching me" moments.  At least for a few minutes.

14. FILL A BINDER WITH PRINTABLES, GAMES, AND OTHER FUN THINGS. Going on a long trip?  Kids bored?  They will love to color and play games in their own binders.

15. HAVE YOUR KIDS US AN OLD LOTION OR SOAP BOTTLE AS A WATER BALLOON PUMP.  No explaining necessary.  Let the fun begin.


17. SHIELD KID'S HANDS FROM SPARKLER BURNS WITH A PLASTIC CUP.  This will work.  We did it last year and the kids had a blast.

18. FREEZE DIFFICULT TO WASH STUFFED ANIMALS AND PILLOWS TO KILL DUST MITES OR PESTS.  You can also place the stuffed animal in a pillow case and wash them.

19. CLEAN AND DISINFECT TOYS, BRUSHES, AND FLIP FLOPS IN THE DISHWASHER.  We put the kid's bath toys int he dishwasher all the time.