Kids Eat Free

As a parent, I try to be ahead of the game. Rarely will you find me away from home without something to eat. Boxes of raisins are stashed in my purser and bags of chips or cookies are in another bag. I try to plan and shop and know ahead of time the answer to my not-so-favorite question, “What’s for dinner?” If I were a Boy Scout, I would definitely have earned my “preparedness” badge by now.

But every now and then, my family and I are out and about longer than planned or I just can’t mentally handle cooking yet another meal. During those times, there’s always a pizza to be picked up or chicken strips waiting on the other side of a sliding glass window. Depending on the size of your family, though, those stops can get quite expensive ... especially in the summer months when the “out longer than planned” nights end up being every night. What if I told you I knew how you could cut your dining out bill in half (for a family of four)?

The Kids Eat Free- Restaurant Finder is an app that helps you feed your kids … for free! You can download this free app from iTunes. With it, you can search for restaurants by day of the week to see kids-eat-free deals near you. If a deal doesn’t pan out, you can flag the restaurant. And if you have a favorite restaurant with a kids-eat-free deal, but it’s not listed, you can add it to the app. One of my favorite places is Steak-N-Shake.  Kids eat free on Saturdays and Sundays.

User reviews for the app have been very positive:

"Finally a kids eat free app that does it all. Super fast, super simple and allows users to validate offers. This app has become a part of our restaurant selection routine. If you have school aged children, I highly recommend downloading - you WILL use it."

"I have been trying to find a reliable website with this information but had no luck. Decided to try the App Store to see what they had. I saw this gem and figured I would try it even though it didn't have a lot of reviews. Boom! All of the restaurants in my area that offer free meals appeared and I can chose any day of the week so I can plan ahead. I love it!"

So sit back and enjoy being prepared for meals ... without actually being prepared.