Shoe Organizers

Over the door shoe organizers are not just for shoes anymore.  There are a world of possibilities with this handy little contraption.  See below a few things that you can use a shoe organizer for.  You can use the full organizer or cut in half to meet your needs. 

Do you have other suggestions not listed below?  What do you use your shoe organizer for?  Has it been helpful?  Please let me know in the comments.  God Bless and happy organizing!

1.  Water Bottles - Are you a runner?  Do you have tons of water bottles taking up cabinet space?  Use the organizer for your water bottles.

2.  Vertical Hanging Indoor Planter - This is great if you live in an apartment.  If you have no space to garden or just want to try something small without the hard work and commitment, try this shoe organizer idea.

3.  Wrapping Paper & Supplies - Cut the bottom out of the last two rows.  You can then store your wrapping paper there without them falling out.  The rest of the upper pockets can hold scissors, tape, ribbons, tags, etc.

4.  Pantry - I personally use this and LOVE it!  I hang a shoe organizer on the inside of my pantry door.  I keep things like loose snacks, spice packets, packets of rice, soup mixes, small pantry items.  I will open up a box of granola bars and put them in a pocket to keep shevles clear for bigger items. 

5.  Arts & Crafts - Great for the art room or your kids room.  Put glues in one, tape, markers, pencils, pens, paper clips, paints, scissors, etc.  You will always be able to find the right art tool.

6.  Closet - I use this one too.  I put scarves, belts, panties, etc.  Great for seeing what you have and easily being able to get to your scarves.

7.  Cleaning/Household - Hang one inside your laundry door.  Put Clorox Wipes, Windex, rags, sprays, etc.  Easy access to your cleaning supplies and saves on back pain from looking under the sink.

8.  Electronics - Keep unused cables and batteries.  If your like my husband, we have TONS of computer/electronic cables around the house.

9. Toys - Great way to save space and organize toys.  You can put all the same color lego in one pocket.  You can use it barbies, stuffed animals, you decide.

10.  Bathroom products - Don't have enough room in your bathroom for all your makeup and hair stuff?  Use a shoe organizer.  You can also store hair ties, barrettes, bows, bands, brushes, etc.

11.  Car - A favorite of mine.  Cut in half and place on the back of the front seats.  Your children will be glad to reach their snacks, drinks, toys, etc.  You can use it for a baby and keep diapers, wipes, ointments, pacifiers, etc.  Keeps your car organized.

12. Shoes - Oh can use it for shoes too.

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