Journaling in a non-journaling Bible

Journaling Bibles are very popular right now.  I even got one for Christmas and I'm so excited to be using it.  So what are they? They are Bibles with columns in the margins for you to write notes, doodle, paint, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  But what if you don't have a Journaling Bible?  Your regular Bible will still suffice.  Just right in the margins.  Circle and draw arrows.  Highlight each point.  Be creative.  Or you could just buy a notebook and take notes like regular people. 

What's wrong with just a notebook? NOTHING! I prefer the journaling in the Bible because I can open my Bible and see my notes without having to find which notebook and what page.  It's easier for me to review.  But I do still use my notebook when God really is speaking into my soul about something that is going to take a lot of time and words. 

It's totally up to you what to use: notebook, Bible, or Journaling Bible.  Whatever you use, have fun and learn.  Studying the Word of God isn't meant to be boring.